The price. For being positive

June 11, 2012

The Pollyanna Principle

You’re too negative. I’ve heard your lovely voice cry out. The back door needs to be replaced. I can’t stand the reality programs. That you watch. That aren’t real. A little oil on the hinges should do the job.

Is that all men want. Like a cliche. In a 10 cent paperback. Buried long ago in that hole. In that tree. In the back yard. All I said is that I need someone to touch. Where you skin is soft and compliant. Can’t we try it.

You see where this has landed. In a soap opera. Which has become your life. When you focus on that dress you’re wearing. When you focus on that automobile in the garage. Of that house that isn’t worth the mortgage. You’re still paying. The price. For being positive. All the time.

2 Responses to “The price. For being positive”

  1. It is a strange co-existence we experience with ourselves, with our loved one. With reality.

  2. my wife complains that my first response to things is ‘no’. Most things anyway. But I’ve always found it wise to think things over. Or maybe I’m just not impulsive.

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