I might have lied

June 12, 2012


Moments. Alone. Listening to the silence of. The cat rubs its back against the glass. And the message is out. He wants in. And I’ve discovered that my time has passed. And I went to bed last night with such great hopes.

Love. I don’t know what the word means. Intellectually. I only know the feeling of your soft breasts. On my thighs. As I breath. In your perfume. And I can see that the sadness in your eyes has left. With your youth.

Forgive me. If I wasn’t what you came to expect. I might have lied. Made promises that I knew could never be met. But it was the only way I could think. Of keeping you in my bed.

Alone. In moments of dread. I don’t know where you are. There is silver in your hair. Hidden under gold. All the lives I could have lived. Lines in your face. I could never have left. This one. Without being dragged back. To your smile.

9 Responses to “I might have lied”

  1. A haunting remembrance of the entanglement of our lives. Beautifully penned David.

  2. Dude! Your art is amazing!! I just scoped through a number of them and each one I was going “aww, sweet!” I totally dig your style šŸ™‚

  3. the longing pulls at me, beautiful work.

  4. 2kdb2 said

    You’re art is so fascinating….
    you seem to pull meaning out of chaos…

  5. sometimes I think what artists do is solve puzzles. puzzles they created.

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