Nothing anyone wanted to accept

June 13, 2012

That Kid From Minnesota

Back in 1953. Rock around the clock. Tanks on Gerard Street. The women all wore big ass. Hats. Neighbours gathered in the local parks. Sang their tunes. Picnics and soccer games. And the Irish cops patrolled St. Clair Avenue. To beat up on the Eyetalian crooners.

Ike played golf. Dick Clark organized the Mensheviks. X rode around the streets of Jersey. In his new Buick. Selling pieces of ass. And we heard the first news. Of Eichmann and his problems with gas. They were still lynching Negroes in Alabama. And no one had heard of grass.

I miss Dinah Shore. She had several rows of teeth. Loved to see the U.S.A. In her Chevrolet. There were rumors. Nothing anyone wanted to accept. And a kid came out of Minnesota. He said. You might think this is a golden age. But the future has a surprise. I’d wager you never would expect.

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