They are laughing at the squirrels

June 16, 2012

Escape From Death

Japanese tourists. Turning my wrists. Like I was a camera. Show us something. They are laughing at the squirrels. Who picked this time to copulate. And they want me to record the blessed event.

Chains of inherited. Debt. The bankers are slogging along like prisoners of the gulag. Got to give them my oldest child. But they took my car instead.

They say that the moon is gold. So why aren’t we going there.

A man is walking a tightrope. Across Niagara Falls. Everyone will be watching in the coffee shops. Shake their heads. If he falls in. Shake their heads. If he crosses. Without a fault. Disappointment either way.

Take me out to lunch. Buy me some wisdom. Take me to the dance. Bring my gun. Sometimes I want to get in a head on collision. Maybe an escape from death will fill me with hope.

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