Tom Waits

June 16, 2012

Tom Waits is a musician, performer, song writer, poet, actor. God knows what else. But what I love about him is his poetry. Its street poetry. With a little show biz thrown in. There’s a little con in Tom which makes his work both interesting and in case someone takes it too seriously, amusing. He is a unique and precious gift.

























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Frank’s Wild Years

Well Frank settled down in the Valley and hung his wild years on a nail that he drove through his wife’s forehead he sold used office furniture out there on San Fernando Road and assumed a $30,000 loan at 15 1/4 % and put down payment on a little two bedroom place his wife was a spent piece of used jet trash made good bloody marys kept her mouth shut most of the time had a little Chihuahua named Carlos that had some kind of skin disease and was totally blind. They had a thoroughly modern kitchen self-cleaning oven (the whole bit) Frank drove a little sedan they were so happy One night Frank was on his way home from work, stopped at the liquor store, picked up a couple Mickey’s Big Mouths drank ’em in the car on his way to the Shell station, he got a gallon of gas in a can, drove home, doused everything in the house, torched it, parked across the street, laughing, watching it burn, all Halloween orange and chimney red then Frank put on a top forty station got on the Hollywood Freeway headed north Never could stand that dog.

A very odd film called Big Time

14 Responses to “Tom Waits”

  1. My all time favourite … I have all his albums. I quote his lyrics!
    I love Tom …

  2. Super post. Love this man.

  3. hellisafourletterword said

    I am a huge fan of Tom Waits, thanks for sharing!

  4. He’s a terrific artist

  5. mobius faith said

    Excellent. Tom Waits is one of my all time faves. I love the main portrait of him here. A bit clownish with a very dark side – perfect for old Tom. Should be an album cover of his. Great work.

  6. First time I heard him it seemed his voice was too old for his face

  7. love Tom Waits … can’t drive over gravel without thinking of him

  8. I love the Waits artwork you’ve included here. I also agree with your assessment that he’s “a unique and precious gift.” Well said. I’ve spent the past couple of months revisiting his entire catalog, a few albums at a time, finally getting to really know his music in the process. I was enough of a fan to own everything, but he was never among my favorite artists. That’s all changed now. If you have some free time, stop by my blog here at WordPress to check out my posts on Waits. I’ve covered everything except “Orphans” and “Bad As Me” so far. Thanks. Keep up the good work here.

    • I will drop by and check it out. I seem to be revisiting the music of my youth recently. And what I found is how good Johnny Rivers sounds. Especially when he’s covering other people’s music. He sounds like he owns Chuck Berry’s Memphis Tennessee. Anyway thanks for all your kind words.

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