what no one dares to ask

June 17, 2012

Lament to Mr. Harper

Met our Prime Minister in college. 1965. He was trying to get into a frat. I was trying to get a loan. I was 19. He looked 46. He knew exactly what life was about. I’d hardly seen a thing and it was more than enough.

I stood outside his house. Where no one lives. With my arms in the sky. I was drunk and crying. I don’t know any answers. And what no one dares to ask. The future Prime Minister called the cops. And I was left trying to explain why I was making all of this up.

He had diamonds in his eyes. Coal black. Ambition is a hole that is never filled. His eyes were frozen then. And remain still.

Jesus had pockmarks on his cheeks. Too many kisses from his apostles. Erosion of the adored. What happens to these bastards who get so rich. That they’re poor.

Mr. Prime Minister. Wish I could fry an egg. On the future. That you think is so hot.

2 Responses to “what no one dares to ask”

  1. anaberbakov-anee said

    Interesting for Prime ministry. Unfortunately, today my country (after the parliamentary elections) don’t have yet a new prime ministry, despite the fact that one of our young man a few days ago became UN Secretary General… conclusion: no deal.

  2. politics can be very frustrating. But that’s life.

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