Is Christ an Idol?

June 22, 2012

Its a question everyone has to ask themselves. My mother says that without her belief in Jesus she couldn’t stand surviving. And you hear it on blogs. Christ gives my life meaning. And on television. Christ is the centre of my life. They get that warm fuzzy look in their eyes.

Its not just Christ. You could put in the appropriate words from any religion. Its this war between God and life. Life is too difficult. Alone.

I’ve heard the same refrain before. From drug addicts. Alcoholics. Smokers. People are medicating their own pain. With pills. Drink. Church.

I’m not arguing that there aren’t truly religious people out there. But is there a dishonesty amongst many believers? They don’t believe in God. They believe in the feeling.

What if there was a way of knowing God, of being positive that he existed, but without the feeling? What if you didn’t feel good about it? What if you still felt alone. Still felt isolated. Still felt temporary and very unhappy. And still had no idea why he put you here.

6 Responses to “Is Christ an Idol?”

  1. mobius faith said

    You nailed it. As a Christian, I’m all for an occasional cross-burning. We need to get beyond the symbols, institutions & rituals. People use their religion as a drug. It’s too often used as an escape or excuse. Then they go and live their lives unchanged just waiting for that next “fix” or confirmation that they are in the right.. They are addicted to it. There was even a popular “Christian” song from the 80’s called “Addicted to Jesus” which I was always incredibly offended by. But I’ve ranted enough for now. Great post.

  2. Very interesting thoughts.

  3. AMEN!!! Christians are scary these days… always judging and preaching and ranting when Jesus supposedly said to do the opposite. My family is religious (Christian) and I was brought up in the church, but I have since been educated and it amazes me how similar all the different religions are, yet only one can be “right.” Religion is like a drug and, unfortunately, causes most of the tensions and issues we have in the world. Great post 🙂

  4. Thanks. I’m not sure that religion causes these tensions, that may be human nature, but it offers a way to focus those hatreds.

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