Stan Used To Kill Olie

June 25, 2012

Stan Used To Kill Olie

It was snowing. In August. Like a warning. I should have guessed that September was coming.

I saw the cloud coming down those New York streets. Like a monster. Out of Spielberg’s camera. But there weren’t any children to save the day. They were in the airplanes. Stuck like spears in the sides of the towers.

Watch what you say. There are microphones in the airports. Watch your metaphors. There are spies in your poems. Watch who you kiss. All lips aren’t sealed.

I want to turn myself in. I must be guilty of something. We’re all sinners. Except for Donald Trump. A show stopper. He made all of his money from his own effort. You can see it on his face when he’s crouched down shitting coppers.

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