Words that mean nothing

June 27, 2012

Art Is One

Fire in the books. In the metaphors. There is acid to be applied to your face. Like make-up. Words that mean nothing. Until they are laying down with one another.

I’ve never read the bible. From cover to cover. But I’ve read Huck Finn a dozen times. I can’t swim. But I’d rather drown in the Mississippi then Moses’ desert. Filled with false idols. Open your legs.

When I walk by museums. They threaten. To rearrange my face. Like a Picasso. Art is a bully. They try to draw you close. To see that magic brush stroke. And then you get two fingers in the eyes. Like the three stooges. I was hoping that we could do more than hope.

5 Responses to “Words that mean nothing”

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  2. the artwork (a collage?) is stunning & disturbing at the same time. poem’s pretty good, too

  3. Our ideas can be wrong. And our instuitions can destroy. Our sense of who we are.

  4. its always fun to poke institutions in the eye. like moe.

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