Ears but no fallopian tubes

June 29, 2012

Its a great motivator. Blogs I mean. It focuses your attention. And because there is a sense of it being out there I get a more objective view of my work. And its nice to hear from people now and then. But it is not what it seems. One blog that I read had the blogger addressing her readers. As if there were thousands of them. On this blog I average about 50 hits a day. Which I figure means about half that number read the blog. And that’s great. But its odd when you consider that almost 500 people are following this blog. Its like my kids facebook numbers. They have hundreds of friends. My daughters tell me they don’t know who half the people are. So there is a lot less networking going on then one might expect. And I have only a vague idea what the title means.

8 Responses to “Ears but no fallopian tubes”

  1. I address my readers because I am writing for an audience, no matter how small. It’s my hope that by doing so they’ll see my blog as a kind of conversation instead of a monologue. I write in my journal to think things through without that, but when I write here? I really am interested in hearing back.

    • For years I wrote in a room. Novels, sstories, poems. etc. Most never saw the light of day. So I am used to that wonderful sense of aloneness. But still feedback is good.

  2. Not just that of all those who hit the like button very few actually read what your post is about….even lot of people who post comments do not read the entire thing….this one time i shared a video post about my moms sketches….by the time i realised video is not working i had recieved 8 comments about how great the sketches were……

  3. I try and keep my blogs pretty brief, realizing that long blogs turn people off. They are surfing after all. But I do find myself spending a lot of time doing this.

  4. I recently started to follow your blog because I really like your collages. I do read what you have to say, but, I have to confess, I don’t always understand what you are saying. My fault, not yours. I do enjoy the challenge of trying, you make me think. Today you gave me some food for thought. Who are these people that follow?

  5. David, your blog has always been one of my favorites. The surreal aspect of your writing is so interesting. I never know what to expect. However, when you were writing long pieces I had a difficult time. (I really am not a reader of anything lengthy) I have not read a novel in more than 30 years. Started some but never can finish. I always want to create visually. And by the way you create the most interesting collages. I often wonder how you do them. And when it comes to blogs, and how to keep up with the posts I am at a lost. Too many posts. I feel like I am losing something in the translation of meaninful dialogue, and support. I WANT to read everything you write, but seem overwhelmed at times when scrolling through the very long list of emails. Sigh, I just want to spend more time in that lone room you describe and create.

  6. I have always kept my remarks as short as possible. Especially my other sight where I talk about other artists. (http://powerofh.wordpress.com/ )I have trouble reading long stretches of prose as well. I too have trouble responding to everything that I receive.

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