Lines and heat and vomit

July 4, 2012

A lot of religious orders were created in the middle ages. People were highly religious. Or superstitious. Probably both. One group the Cistercians, or white monks, caught my eye. And not just their ales. They simplified their lives, returned to manual labor especially in the fields, and prayed. Prayed a lot. These were, I imagine, good men. But their life style, their devotions, are so far removed from the world as we know it as to be almost alien. In order to devote themselves to a lifetime of prayer and work, they must have had a very strong belief system.

I was trying to think of a parallel belief system in our day. What would we do that would look strange to future generations. Well for one thing, there is the rat race. The pursuit of money. People might ask why we suffered ill health, boredom, addictions (alcohol, meds) in order to become… I was going to say wealthy. Perhaps comfortable. Even our fun times are filled with stress and hurry. The rush to the cottage. What a terrible bore. Our game and ride parks. Lines and heat and vomit. Tours upon tours of old Europe. The obsession with new thrills. Bungy jumping. Why not just throw yourself off the roof of your house. But no one seems to know what else to do.

The monks life is starting to look more appealing.

3 Responses to “Lines and heat and vomit”

  1. Yorkshire – where I live – was a great stronghold of the Cistercians, and we have several wonderful ruined (in the Dissolution) monasteries, which throw a revealing light on how they lived and how rich they grew. Here the wealth was built on sheep/wool (Yorkshire water is soft, and perfect for washing wool): they were the first to build the dry-stone walls which are such a feature of our landscape, and generally created the ‘look’ of The Dales. We Yorkshire folk owe them a very great deal.

  2. Thanks for that. Physical labor was important to their order. They made a huge impact in their day.

  3. Jodie said

    Nicely said! ๐Ÿ™‚ The world is a different place, than it was during the middle ages, and while we have greatly improved the human condition (health care, science, etc) we have also lost the ability to just be. So I agree with you, going back to a simpler time sounds nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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