they hung a kid

July 8, 2012



grade school children set up

own court

to try violations of playground rules.


after they hung a kid

who claimed

he could swallow


(The Black Bird)

8 Responses to “they hung a kid”

  1. So disturbing … but so important to share.Thank you!

  2. I don’t want to come off as an English snob (because I’m not!), but the proper past tense of killing someone by noose is “hanged.” In all other instances of the word, the proper past tense is, indeed, hung. So you hung the curtains, but you hanged the man.

    But it’s a good poem.

    • Maybe I’ve been watching too many westerns. But hung sounds better here because the person being hanged is thought of as an object and not a human being.

      • ‘Hung’ works well for me here. And I am an ‘English snob’. A feel for words and how they sit/fit trumps pedantry.
        Horrifying, affective, and shaming, David. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the support. A friend of mine is obsessed with grammar. He writes and rewrites and is terrified of being caught wanting. To me, if it works, its good. But if it doesn’t work than good grammar is required.

  4. I did not place a cookie under the word ‘support’.

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