“I’m jealous!”

July 13, 2012

“I’m jealous!” She was pale. And a few pounds overweight. And walking towards me. Talking out loud. Into her cell phone.

She was black. A teenager. Very emotional. One hand on her hip. “She thinks she can talk to me like that. Girl, you know what I said.” And walked passed me.

She was sitting outside Starbucks. “You’re a drunk. I had nothing to do with it.” She was sitting alone.

These are examples of the invasion of public places by the private sphere. Its as if everyone is wearing pajamas to work. In these examples all were females. But its men as well. Although generally men are more guarded. Or they have nothing to say. Or they’re listening.

CIA. FBI. KGB. Wake up. You don’t have to spy on people. They’ll tell you.

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