I was up tied up in laughter

July 14, 2012

Love in the 60s

I memorized the Bible. At night. In my bed. The pages were marked at the corners. Some were stained. From tears. And every page said. You love for all the wrong reasons.

I burnt the roses. That I’d thrown on our mattress. With a book of matches. Which was hauled away in the garbage. I took off my hat. And said. How can all my reasons be wrong. And what about the law of averages.

Years flew by. Autumn was a pleasant enough memory. I’m starting to lose my keys. I’m starting to forget where I parked the Chev. And sometimes in moments. Of perfect sobriety. I recall that I don’t own a car.

Why did we fall in love. In the 60s. Was never asked. There were 3 bottles on the floor. You were dressed up like Joan Baez. I was up tied up in laughter. You said we could get married. In Las Vegas. I cashed my unemployment cheque. And we lived happily ever after.

2 Responses to “I was up tied up in laughter”

  1. I really enjoy your writing style. It took me a little bit to get used to it but I’ve come to love it. In my opinion your writing is to fiction what haiku is to poetry. It distills everything down into the most concise descriptions – then when the reader digests it – it explodes with imagination and meaning.
    Thank you for your art.

  2. you’re very generous. A few years ago I started to reinvent my writing. Adapting it to the beat and the logic of jazz. (I was writing a series on female jazz singers) Glad you enjoy it.

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