Can you imagine reality created by squirrels

July 18, 2012

Are we the centre of the universe? I thought that this went out with Galileo. But then quantum mechanics came along. And the observer. On a molecular level, the observer changes reality by observing. Now we have a series of new prophets who suggest that we create reality. Through imagination. Reality to them is the Matrix. (see movie. I mean it. See the movie.)

If we can change reality by observing then…. (And this is where they get odd.) we can create reality by a force of mind, by our consciousness. Look at the power we could have as a group. (Think Knights of Columbus) This is also where things get political. What if Republicans control the group? What about the Chinese? What about the papacy?

Of course we are not the only conscious beings. Squirrels could also create reality. If there were enough of them. Remember, outside of cars, they have no natural enemies in the city. Can you imagine reality created by squirrels. Wouldn’t that be nuts? (I think I’ve already been affected.)

And what if there are other forms of life to whom we haven’t been introduced? Aliens.  And what if they are smart? And what if they won’t give us a vote?

5 Responses to “Can you imagine reality created by squirrels”

  1. Reality created by squirrels – could it be any worse than the one we’ve created? I wouldn’t mind a bushy tail and four feet and I love nuts.

  2. liked that first video. if I got it right matter doesn’t exist, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter, because we live in some holographic reality that we create as we go, and if I want to see more than a golf ball size reality I need to expand my consciousness. Where’s Timothy Leary when I need him?

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