when she smiled the whole room lit up

July 22, 2012

This is an excerpt from an ebook called Calendar Girls.  As you can surmise there is a little story with each one. Somewhat biographical. (Actually it’s all bio. Meaning I believe my lies.)











January was named after a girl I knew in high school. Our high school was all boys except for 2 young ladies who came over from the local girls’ school to take some classes with us. One girl was a lovely long haired blonde. Jan was the other girl. She had a rather sad face that seemed to light up when she saw you and smiled. And when she smiled the whole room lit up. And she talked to me. I was… conquered. But very shy. I did not ask her out . When the school year was out I asked a friend of mine if he knew where Jan lived. (The same friend that rimes with anaconda and argyle.) He gave me her address. And so all summer at least two or three times a week I walked by her house hoping she would see me and come out. (I was too shy to knock on her door. I wanted her to think that I was just in the neighbourhood.) Sometimes her neighbours would give me a suspicious look. But I didn’t care. I was there for January. It wasn’t until the end of the summer that I learned that the house I passed all summer wasn’t hers. She didn’t live anywhere in that neighbourhood…

Postscript: I’m still friends with the guy whose name rimes with… And Jan and I later became friends for a time at college, although never boyfriend-girlfriend. Her nephew and my son later played soccer together on the same team. January became one of those ‘what if…’ women in my life.

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