There is something else

July 26, 2012

There is a long tradition of religious poetry. I like to think that many of the pieces I have written recently are in that mode. Of course they are angry. Anger because my spiritual pursuit has not brought me peace or resolution. I think that all religious poetry starts with honesty. You cannot write it to make yourself or others feel better. If God wanted us to feel better he wouldn’t have placed us in this life. There is something else.


The Final Judgement

There was a cliff. Outside my window. The horizon looked like your face. I wanted to fly. There. Wasn’t any good reason.

John Donne wrote some lines about you. Said you were a credit. To your kind. He was a liar. I think we both know. What are the ties that bind.

Worship. Adore. Blind. Myself in love. But there’s something you can’t dismiss. These were your rules. That you wrote. In our DNA. Don’t poison me with your kiss.

Alone in a room. With my failing eyes. And a table and chair. A blank sheet of paper. I know what you want. Me to sign. Is this your gift in the end. Despair.

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