It will help your aunt

July 28, 2012

I wrote a book called Jack. Which is about life on a fictional planet. But the planet is inside your head. Which is a galaxy far far far away.

There is a voice in my head. That internal conversation that all of us have. Except on Jack, that voice comes from a real person. Or at least one that looks you in the eye. In my time on Jack that voice comes from a cop. A private cop. A Sam Spade. And he wants some straight talk. And I try to lay it on the table. As clearly as I can. But its never clear enough. Sam says I’m holding something back. He can tell by the way my eyes flirt around. Won’t lock glances with him. And I tell  him when I lock glances I end  up falling in love. Sam laughs at me and calls me some kind of fruit cake. And I would like to lay it all out there on the table. But once you see it. Once you see the truth. There’s always something extra you have to add.

Have a read. It will help your aunt in that special way.

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