I see it empty

July 29, 2012

An artist friend of mine, Ed Kuris,  sees things. Feathers. Coincidences. He hears things. Words on the radio. That he has just typed on the page. Artists see patterns.

Pattern finding is so central to survival and success that we see patterns everywhere, even in random data – a phenomenon called apophenia. (Matthew Hudson, Psychology Today, August 2012)

I too see things. Which is necessary to make collages. To write poetry. But my pattern detection is limited to my work. I can turn it on and off. Most of the time. Ed cannot. For him it is like an avalanche of information descends upon and his brain must make some sense of it.

I have a very strong skeptical trait. I don’t believe things almost as a reflex. I distrust everything, even my own thoughts, my own ideas.

Both Ed and I are paranoid. He is paranoid about the unknown. I’m afraid of the known.

He sees the universe filled with meaning. I see it empty.

5 Responses to “I see it empty”

  1. I think I see things more on the empty side as well. It is a rather “safe” place to be.

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