He watched interference

July 30, 2012

A long time ago: They were all stoned. I had just arrived. They were gabbing amongst each other. I said, “Watch this!” They all turned to me. I looked down at my arm. A blood vein burst and blood spit out onto my arm. As you can imagine there was quite a fracas after than. We used to call it a freak out. Girls started crying. Some left. The guys sat with their mouths open. There was fear in their eyes. One of my friends started laughing uncontrollably. I did not say another word. Just stood up and walked out.

Was I actually able to make my vein burst. I don’t think so. Never have since. Never did before.

People most likely  to believe in and experience mind over matter and precognition are pattern spotters. (Psychology Today, Matthew Hutson, August, 2012.)

When you’re high you become adroitly tuned into patterns. You see them everywhere. On LSD you can fall into the patterns. A friend of mine used to watch television on acid. Not programming. He watched interference. Swore he could see things. Madness can do the same thing. Paranoia of course. Obsessions are all about pattern recognition.  During the War in Vietnam friends on the left saw conspiracies everywhere. Now the right has its turn with runaway paranoia.

I cannot bend spoons. With my mind. Some rich people can. With their mouths.


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