Dead or Alive

August 1, 2012

“Many people take Near Death Experiences to be evidence of life after death, but the British psychologist Susan Blackmore and others have attempted to explain each of the elements physiologically. The tunnel and light might result from lack of oxygen in the visual cortex. Abnormal activity in the temporal lobes can cause flashbacks. A sense of pleasure results from endorphin release.” (Matthew Hudson, Psychology Today, August 2012

I had a heart attack. Here’s what happened.

1. Taken to hospital in ambulance. I was feeling fine.

2. Put in room. Hooked up to machines. Blood taken. ECG taken. Left alone.

3. An hour or so later (time is a mystery) a doctor walks in. I tell him my story. He tells me I had a heart attack. I never see him again.

4. I wait. I figure the big one is coming.

5. Nurses come in periodically. Look at the machines. Indifferently.

6. A woman, a civilian, comes into the room. She is about 40. Attractive. Asks me why I’m here. I tell her I had a heart attack. She looks at me. Are you afraid? she asks. No, I respond. You are very brave, she says. And leaves the room. I never see  her again.

7. A doctor comes in. Tells me I should have a procedure. I agree.

8. I am moved to another room. All night I wait. For the big one.

9. Next morning I am wheeled into a room. I am lightly sedated. A rod is shoved up my leg. I see the wire moving through my body. (On a monitor). Its boring. There is rock and roll playing. The doctor doing the procedure is laughing with 2 nurses. 5 stints are put in my heart.

10. I am taken back to my room. Released a couple of days later.

No tunnel. No white light. No out of the body experience. Nothing happened. Except the feeling that the world moved on without me. Dead or alive.

2 Responses to “Dead or Alive”

  1. Interesting “commentary” of the indifference and impersonalization of the medical profession.

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