I see no fear at FOX.

August 7, 2012

I was dreaming. About Eric Sevareid. I used to watch every evening on CBS news. He offered commentary. Sage wisdom.

I’m not sure that I always understood every commentary. I always felt that I had to work at it. But what is so obvious is the fair mindedness of the man. Today I don’t feel that I hear these words. At least on American television. May I say that I do hear it on Canadian television. You may call me a chauvinist.

When I watch CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, I find attempts. But fear. Fear to just state the facts. I see no fear at FOX.

What I fear the most is young people. They don’t seem upset. Enough. With a shrinking future, why do they not raise their voices. Forget the excuses. It is not their job to come up with excuses. Only to remind my generation and the one after us, that they are not doing their jobs.

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