Or Else

August 10, 2012

An American tourist who felt the need to pack heat in a Calgary park has set off a storm of social media ridicule.

Earlier this week, Walt Wawra detailed an unnerving recent run-in with two young men who asked if he had been to the Calgary Stampede in a “very aggressive tone.”

The off-duty cop from Kalamazoo, Mich., brushed them off, but lamented his lack of a handgun in a letter to the Herald.

Wawra’s response to the seemingly mundane, daylight encounter has sparked scorn across the Internet.

Gawker.com called Wawra the “laughingstock of Canada.”

“Walt Wawra is why we can’t have nice things,” wrote blogger Shea Wong.

The Huffington Post Canada described it as “Fear and Loathing in Cowtown.

Oh how smug Canadians are. Mocking Americans. Afraid of their own shadows. Afraid of outsiders. Anyone who doesn’t look like them. Actually anyone they don’t know.

But Canadians should take a moment and reflect. Don’t Americans have a lot to be fearful.

Forest fires. There are plenty of them. And with all those trees there’s no telling what could happen.

Closer to home there’s gas mileage. And the Federal debt. There’s the general fear of losing. And being called a loser. How do you think the people in Buffalo must feel?

And cholesterol. Although Canadians have their fair share of cholesterol themselves. The good kind though. Or so they think.

And there’s Washington. The big banks. Health care.

Its hard to find a consensus in America. About what they’re not afraid. But there I go. Being smug.

Exhausting to think that you have to be vigilant every moment of the day. Or else.

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