Cease! Please. Leave me alone.

August 14, 2012

Socrates once said that he was glad of old age because his passions decreased. I think he was talking about his libido. Or whatever the Greeks called lust back then. I’m getting older to the point of being old. So you will excuse me of being tired of these sidebar advertisements on the net. Do I want an Asian girlfriend? Slavic girls are looking for older men. And some post teen is telling me that she has a crush on me. And has for some time. Though I will confess that I don’t know her. Which is quite certifiable because she comes by every night on the tweet.

What I object to is not the sexuality. But the moronic nature of these ads. Who in their right mind would respond to these silly and ridiculous patches. (I made that up. I don’t know what to call them.) Cease! Please. Leave me alone.

3 Responses to “Cease! Please. Leave me alone.”

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