They can be sheared

August 18, 2012

I cannot divulge my sources. (My barber) You know all that hair that you see on barbershop floors and hair salons. The follicles are being used to harvest DNA. The DNA is being used in research. To create a new human species. And this is the most interesting part. Remember when they were cloning sheep. Remember Dolly. Manuel (my barber) tells me that they are trying to put human DNA into sheep. To create a smarter sheep. (What’s the singular for sheep? Sheep sounds wrong.) The thinking is that they will make a more compliant citizenry with the bonus that they can be sheared.

Liberals will love it because sheep can’t hold a gun. The conservatives will love it… well, because they’re used to it.

One Response to “They can be sheared”

  1. HA! Smart sheep! Just like in Babe. Except, will they be smart? Or will they be sheep cloned smart?

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