Sucker Punch

August 21, 2012

This is a poem about an average guy. Lost his job maybe. Lost his house. Fighting with his kids and wife. Angry all the time.


The Ends of Nails

Days are strange. I used to think. Maybe a new president. My neighbour Jack. Storing arms. Up his ass. Makes his children free. And it feels good. To sleep.

A guy in front of my house. Staring at my front door. Supposed to be repairing the street. Has a shovel in his hand. Slashes his throat. Tapping his foot. Tapping his feet.

My doctor. Almost my best friend. Stares at my toes. They keep falling off. I try to explain. A moth flew into my mouth. I tried to cough. All that came out was negative ads.

The Black Death. Has nothing on ED. The Hundred Years War. A mere spat. Between aunts. I stood. An old man. Angry as fire. Floored. By a sucker punch.

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