misgivings about the habit

August 23, 2012

This is another of the poems I wrote in my twenties. I must have had a real thing for westerns. Maybe it was those Clint Eastwood films. This poem looks like it has something to do with the apocalypse. But I don’t think I was going through a religious faze at the time. Of course I was drinking a lot. And carousing. And well, there were nuns around. Who had misgivings about the habit.






four riders dressed in white

came into our town late last night.

They had all no good looks

all looked mean

they did things to the darkness

no man has ever seen.


When they left

only their huff marks could be seen in the mud

and the deputy sheriff who was buried with a slug.


Nothing more was revealed


the sheriff’s son said he heard them speak

when he was hiding inside a chest

that the next time they returned

nothing would be left.


2 Responses to “misgivings about the habit”

  1. Love your collages! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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