drugs and general debauchery

August 26, 2012

The Baltimore Catechism. These are found poems. I remember writing a lot of them.  I published a number of them. And then they disappeared. When I started writing more prose. And doing more visual work. Some of them are affected a great deal by my interest in philosophy and anthropology. Others were affected by drugs and general debauchery. You can download the book, The Baltimore Catechism at feedbooks.  The original Baltimore Catechism was a textbook for Catholic ideology. It was a question and answer book and my father made me memorize every answer, word for word. I think the first question is ‘Who made you?’.





I was born

in an orphanage.

it was most embarrassing for my parents.

I pop’d up all naked and rouge.

Mama screamed:

“His heads too big!”

Daddy sat there and booed.

2 Responses to “drugs and general debauchery”

  1. mobius faith said

    …..and the doctor spanked my mother?


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