A Mitt On Your Scissors

August 28, 2012

They came at me one evening. First week of college. With scissors. To cut my hair. Surrounded, I warned them. I won’t stop shaking my head. And when this is over I’ll have all of you charged with assault. They retreated. They were my roommates on the floor of my residence.

A month later some drunken engineers came to our residence. With scissors. To cut my hair. The fellows on my floor came out of their rooms and stood between me and the drunken engineers. The fellows who a week earlier had threatened me were now my guardians. I had become a human being to them.

There were Mitt Romney’s at our school. Privileged. Arrogant. And angry. When Romney reflects on the incident of the hair cutting, he does not have any empathy for the victim. It is more like ‘boys will be boys’.

It was a long time ago. Has he changed? Who knows?

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