Broke and pregnant

August 30, 2012

Jimmy chuckled as he recalled some event from his past. That was another thing about Jimmy. He was real good at paving over disagreements. “My dear mother was the wheel on my early jobs. What a great old gal. She taught me everything I know about my line of work. It was like college. Bank robbing is a trade, lad. It takes planning, timing, and a sound judgment of character. Mom and dad used to rob banks clear across Saskatchewan. They were the Bonnie and Clyde of their generation. For ten years they rolled over those dirt roads from town to town. Made a small fortune. Lived a humble life. Put their money in stocks. Mom only made one mistake in her life.”

I looked at Jimmy. He was enjoying himself.

“And what was that?”

“She trusted my dad. He ran off with all their money. Left her broke and pregnant.”

Jimmy flicked his cigar out the window.

(An excerpt from my new book SNOW. Free to download and read. For now.)

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