Swinging from the local oak trees.

August 31, 2012

I watched the Republican Convention for a moment. A young Republican was speaking. He was elegant, smart, funny and gracious. I turned off the TV. What I liked about the young man was that he was not trying to demonize President Obama. I realized that the Republicans could very well win the Presidency. Americans want results. They have had some. But too many have not had their lives return to that state of normalcy that they were promised. All of this is a delusion. A delusion that all great powers/countries live in. If you lived in Belgium and had three wars in a hundred years run soldiers, tanks, armies through your land since Napoleon, you have a different perspective. You would know that no people are guaranteed anything. Life is cruel. You survive and prosper by trusting each other, as a family, a neighbourhood, a town, a country, a world. Them against us will get you swinging from the local oak trees.

3 Responses to “Swinging from the local oak trees.”

  1. I appreciate your response

  2. by the way the washroom in this collage is one of the washrooms in a death camp during WW2

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