No idea what he’s facing.

September 3, 2012

Just listening to Springsteen’s new CD. Big fan. I was inspired/drawn to write this song. In western music, the kind I like, there is a kind of resignation. At the same time there is this fight against the elements. Gary Cooper movies remind me of that. I think that feeling of resignation is in America now. Romney is trying to fight it. But he’s like the tenderfoot from the East whose got no idea what he’s facing. Obama is like the old doctor trying to save as many as he can. But fighting a losing battle.


Song: Henry’s Wife

I’ve been standing outside. The barns on fire. Its so hot. I shot that fire with holes. I can hear the horses crying. In my sleep. My blood feels cold. Maureen standing beside me. Looks so old.

I told Henry not to be smoking. When he was drinking. He must have passed out. I should have been here. But I was up at the house. Trying to break it off with Maureen. Henry’s wife.

They found Henry’s ashes. Didn’t make no sense. To bury him in the ground. So we just let him drift off in the wind. I hang around all day. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. Don’t seem to be able to empty a bottle. Maureen seems relieved.


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