Bill Clinton…. wow

September 7, 2012

If you’re a Canadian you have grown up with American culture, ideas, life style, history as part of your own makeup. For a long time I have felt bad for our American cousins. They have gone through some very tough times. They are angry, frustrated, and lost. Last night my faith in American vitality was revived. I listened, enraptured by the speech of Bill Clinton. I’ve never heard anything like it. His ability to marshal information, humour, and insights is phenomenal. He can reduce complicated issues down to their core without overly simplifying them.

In Canada, you do not need to be born a Canadian to become Prime Minister. If Mr. Clinton would like to move north, he could have a bright future in Canadian politics.


6 Responses to “Bill Clinton…. wow”

  1. Love this piece! Also agree about Bill Clinton. He said it straight!

  2. Nice observation. I’m sure if he feels the need to get away from Hillary he may consider a move north. 🙂

  3. gonerustic said

    Will people ever take him seriously again though? I think he is very talented, smart, a great speaker – but it’s hard to forget his past … <=)

    • A reading of history will easily allay your memory. Many American leaders had mistresses. Roosevelt, Eisenhouer, Nixon, Kennedy. The list goes on. Perhaps the most decent president in my time was Jimmy Carter. And yet very few people consider him to be a great president.

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