Beware the rise of Sulla

September 8, 2012

I love American politics. Of course I’m not listening to wall to wall attack ads. As for your politicians. I like Mitt Romney. He’s a spoiled rich kid but well intentioned. What’s worrisome is his supporters. Can he control the far right’s agenda if he’s elected? I think that there are a number of intelligent women in the Republican party, unfortunately not the high profile ones.

Barack is a gentleman. But has a hard sell. He is the leader in a country that is having some kind of mental breakdown. It has happened in other countries. As for the Democratic Party they seemed stocked with leadership, much of it female.

I am ‘left leaning’ but I think the conflict in America today is a result of a move in the country from a democracy to an oligarchy. The rest of the country, because of poverty, race, ignorance, has been alienated from the political process. Ronald Reagan gave these people hope. Unfortunately his policies moved things in the opposite direction.

There is a war of families in America. The families make up a portion of each party. The large under class is angry. And what the families fear most (more than each other) is the rise of the strong man. The dictator. If Americans don’t start working together, he’s coming.

3 Responses to “Beware the rise of Sulla”

  1. Interesting ideas. I am a little more to the right of you (more libertarian than anything) but agree with your ideas. To a certain extent, policitcs in the US has become, “who are you more afraid of?” and that’s a shame.

    • I wish there were more commentators on American politics who you felt were honourable even though they disagreed with a position you held. George Wills (of ABC news) is such a person that I trust though I almost never find myself in agreement with him.

  2. sohojay said

    Well stated.

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