Trial Run

September 18, 2012

Everyone is so certain of what is the truth. I hear it from every politician on television. They have a vision which they are willing to share if only we follow them. What is it they see? Nothing of course. They are liars. Obama was the most honest when he quoted Lincoln about the uncertainties of life bringing him to his knees.

The first work of Plato I read was the Meno. The realization that we know very little is the beginning of wisdom. And the last thing that will be admitted by any politician. And many media types. Fox News is filled with people who seem certain of everything. I wouldn’t trust any of them to drive the bus I was on.

And yet our political debates seem to come down to who we believe. Not the facts. Which are manipulated to justify all kinds of arguments. But, there are facts. There are truths. And when the election is over, the President is going to face those truths. And the liars are going to be obvious to everyone. Too bad the new administration can’t be put on a trial run, and then have a second election.

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