The Republican party slagging Mr. Carter

September 23, 2012

March 28, 1979 the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history occurred. A cooling system malfunction at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania had the potential to kill thousands or perhaps millions of people in northern Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and southern Ontario.

People were in a panic. In an act of courage, President Carter with his wife arrived on sight to assure people that a solution would be found and to calm nerves. The place could have blown at any minute.

The problem. There were 2 solutions offered.

One solution was suggested by the President’s advisors in Washington. The second solution was suggested by those on sight. The President had to make a choice. If he chose wrong America would have had a Chernobyl on its hands. By good fortune, Mr. Carter was a former captain of a nuclear submarine. He knew something about nuclear energy. He chose the advise from the people on sight. Disaster was averted.

In this election we have the Republican party slagging Mr. Carter. He deserves more respect.


3 Responses to “The Republican party slagging Mr. Carter”

  1. occultoantonio said

    I agree with you. Did you watch ‘Jimmy Carter Man from Plains’ written and directed by Jonathan Demme?

  2. Haven’t seen it. Will look it up.

  3. I was living in Philadelphia Pa. I remember the fear we were all living with at the time. Great post David. If the Republicans have their way the world would become a nuclear wasteland while the few get rich.

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