I see other planes

October 27, 2012

A friend of mine has been writing a log/diary for several years. He keeps going back over it, filling in the details as they appear to him. He is like a voyager through the past. Trying to get his bearings. Trying to make some sense of his life.

I tried writing a memoir. I got bored. With my life. I started to lie. Which means that I started to write fiction. Fiction is for liars.

My friend wants to find some wisdom. Some truth. I live in the fog of the future. Like an airplane through clouds. Every so often the fog thins. And I see other planes.

2 Responses to “I see other planes”

  1. mobius faith said

    This is one of my all-time fave creations of yours David. I love how the figure in furry boots is mirroring the present while walking through the “fog of the future”

    And the last paragraph is something I just added to my list of favorite quotes. Freakin’ Fantastic. Just totally “hits” me square on. THanks for starting my Saturday off on best foot.

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