Tights were not included

November 3, 2012

Vanity. I found its birthplace. Like the planet in “Alien”. I know where the monster springs from. Eyeglasses. I had two. One broke. I had to replace it. I went to one of the mega stores. They have thousands of frames. It matters more what you look like than what you see. This was my first pair of glasses. For the real world. Rather than books etc. I’ve used reading glasses for some time. But this was walking around glasses. I wanted John Lennon glasses. (Trotsky wore them too. Actually I think everyone in the 19th century wore them.) I was talked out of them. Now I’ve got Clark Kent glasses. Tights were not included in the sale.


One Response to “Tights were not included”

  1. mobius faith said

    Too bad about the tights – that might’ve been fun. LOL. 🙂

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