Is Mitt alright?

November 17, 2012

I’ve been hearing voices. Everyone has memory flashes. In dreams. Day dreams. And one recalls songs .Or at least rifts and lines. But these are voices. In crowds. Calling my name. Its very odd. I turn around. And though there is a crowd around me, no one is calling my name. No one is approaching me.

Report on the news. Man in coma is communicating. Medical breakthrough. We can now communicate to those we thought were basically unapproachable. A problem we might wish to discuss. What if the person in the coma has multiple personalities.

Mitt Romney keeps talking. Has he had some kind of breakdown?

4 Responses to “Is Mitt alright?”

  1. occultoantonio said

    according to me, Mitt is a sort of electric mannequin and his friends have forgot of turn off him.

  2. mobius faith said

    Great post and cool image.
    Great comment from “occultoantonio”

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