Our invisible car

December 2, 2012

smallI can't believeI am a liar. I do it for fun. Kids at the school think I own the building. I told them I did. Some of them think I’m a cop. (I guess I look like one.) When my youngest daughter was about 7 we went Christmas shopping I told her that we were driving an invisible car. It made her laugh. After we were finished shopping I spent twenty minutes looking for our invisible car. I couldn’t see it anywhere. This did not make my daughter laugh.

People who lie for no reason, with no sense of their own self interests, are fun. It is a dead end.

I haven’t met many people who can speak the truth without resorting to cliches, scripture,  or social conventions (they have to say something). It is as if we are all in commercials. Or signs in a protest.

Read Plato’s ‘Meno’.

I know why Socrates took the hemlock. He saw it advertised in a commercial on television.

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