Like she’d lost her mind

December 13, 2012


Memories are not in order. They are like snap shots in a photo album. Here I am on the back of Kuris’s Honda. A 55. A small motorcyle that was very popular in the mid-60s.

We were bouncing along Bloor Street. Before the subway was completed. Sliding on the streetcar rails. Bopping along the cobblestone. Screaming at girls on the sidewalk. Laughing our asses off.

When I looked at the car beside us. At a red light. There was a passenger in the car screaming. Like she’d lost her mind. I yelled in Ed’s ear. He looked over.

“Look again,” he cried.

I did. It was my mother.


One Response to “Like she’d lost her mind”

  1. love the surrealism, keep going, I am a fan.

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