you’d better be packing

December 16, 2012

Terrible things have happened.

Some time ago (actually last week) after the shootings in the movie theatre I told a friend that if you could imagine the most horrific event, it would not change most Americans’ attitude towards the gun. That horrific event has happened.

I no longer believe that it is about 2nd amendment rights. Americans want to have guns because they are terrified of each other. Not just that foreigner at the bus depot. Not just that black kid in the hoodie. Not just the person speaking that strange language. They are afraid of their neighbour, of the paper boy, of the pizza guy, of their husband or wife. They are afraid of their children.

In a restaurant. In a church. Over drinks. Over Christmas dinner. Someone. Anyone could pull out a gun and shoot you. And you’ve got to protect yourself. Therefore, you’d better be packing.


4 Responses to “you’d better be packing”

  1. Great artwork David. Fantasic composition and color.

  2. A “free” society of fear.

  3. thanks… all about fear

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