Monuments and money

December 21, 2012


The Beatles brought down the USSR. I heard that. A younger generation of Soviet  youth listened to the Beatles and it changed their perspective on the communist world. (I’m sure it wasn’t that simple.)

But when did Entertainers become world figures? Before the Beatles there was Elvis. But Elvis had no content. He had no view on life. The only figure I can think of is Charlie Chaplin. He was at one time the most recognized figure on the planet Earth. His films were shown in every corner of the world. And he had a viewpoint. (Though not always political.)

Before the twentieth century and its inventions, the mass production of iconic figures was reduced to money and monuments. And those represented on the money/monuments were either religious or military figures.

The minstrel was just another fool.

3 Responses to “Monuments and money”

  1. My favorite moment of Chaplin is his speech at the end of dictator.

  2. Yes, and it still resonates today.

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