No one noticed.

January 16, 2013

Diane2I survived the dentist. Going into a mental state I can only describe as the ooze. I’ve got this guy’s face only inches away from mine and my mind is cruising through the moment. Time has virtually stood still. And I feel no different than the drill he’s using on my teeth. I didn’t take a needle so I am waiting for that delicious moment when he will hit a nerve and I will levitate from the chair. Nerve. Levitate. Breath. Get on with it. I leave the office.  Now I know how Spero Agnew felt when he handed in his resignation. No one noticed.

4 Responses to “No one noticed.”

  1. mobius faith said

    funny analogy with Agnew.

  2. nell said

    I hate going to the dentist. The mercury from years ago has probably compromised my health and I am on the road to getting those fillings taken out but I don’t look forward to it. Great post.

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