Like a shadow

January 21, 2013

Having a wonderful dinner with friends and I realized how alone we all are. Human beings are a contradiction. We are social animals who cannot rid ourselves of the feeling of being homeless. You can try and drown it out with alcohol or drugs. Or distract yourself with money, sex, or Sunday football. But there it is. Always. Like a shadow.

G Force Syndrome

5 Responses to “Like a shadow”

  1. Loneliness haunts… lucky to eat with another…

  2. mobius faith said

    Brilliant David. I feel like I’m looking at a hallucination of David Lynch.

    • I remember a TV series in the 50s or 60s about jet fighter pilots who were testing the sound barrier all the time. Noisy neighbourhood. There were always shots of them in the cockpit, their heads shaking. It kind of stuck in my memory.

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