Mine was flawed

January 24, 2013

A Negro Woman with Bright Orange HairWhen I was in college there were perhaps a dozen African-Canadians. (Not counting foreign students.) One girl in particular was from a local small town. She was very involved in social issues. As was my roommate at the time. He started a group that volunteered to help out at the local half way house for men and women getting out of prison. This girl, I’ll call her Wendy, also joined this group. Which is how I got to meet her. I became quite fond of her. We talked. Sometimes ate dinner together. Nothing romantic. The next September when I returned to school I heard a rumor that Wendy had died, jumped off one of the buildings on campus that summer.

Decades later I was browsing through the university alumni magazine when I saw Wendy’s name. She was retiring from some post in a local hospital. She hadn’t died. Hadn’t jumped off any building. Hadn’t been depressed. Wendy had lived a life and I had lived mine. Except mine was flawed.

5 Responses to “Mine was flawed”

  1. lmsorenson said

    Awesome imagery, I like it.

  2. Powerful. I like the mood you evoke. And that collage / pic is so fascinating. Tell me about it?

    • Its a kind of mish mash of about a dozen or so pics. Cut and paste. I outlined it with magic marker to give it the feeling of being held together. Then I used Photoshop for some of the details. Its a memory of an old girlfriend. If she were to see it I’m sure she’d scream. With laughter. Or for a lawyer. But there you go.

      • Still very cool. I like the mix-mash-up artwork / collage along with the blog. I’m very visual, but not as gifted with execution. So, stick to my writing, I tell myself. Now and then, I am prone to a magazine, a pair of scissors and a glue stick, I confess…..

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