Rectum de dum tum

January 24, 2013

There is a hum in Windsor Ontario Canada. It is driving people crazy. Which brings me to Socrates. Who it is said was badgered by his wife. I suspect that Socrates and his wife were not having conjugal relations. Socrates himself stated that the loss of a sex drive came as a great relief. Now he was able to think rationally. His wife did not agree. Which brings me back to Windsor. I went to school there for seven years. Five of them I was a student. Every so often the the processing plants in Detroit would emit a foul sulphur smell. It smelled like a fart. And so came the title of Windsor being the ‘asshole of Canada’.

“You didn’t complain about the sulphur but now you’re complaining about the hum! The next thing you know they’ll be talking about Windsor on the Colbert Report.”

A Woman In the Middle of a crowd

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