Ulcers and madness

January 30, 2013

When she was admired for her beauty, Rose cut off her hair and smeared pepper on her face, upset that suitors were beginning to take notice of her. 

A typical teenager? When she was a small child she was injured, her finger was caught in a door. She did not cry out. Later when she lost the nail on the finger a doctor was called in.

The surgeon was obliged to use pincers to extract so much of it as still remained in her flesh. The torture of this operation she bore with such singular sweetness that the operator remarked that never once did she utter a scream, or even change countenance.

But it did not end there.

At the age of four years, she was troubled with a disorder in her head which rendered it necessary for her mother to dress it with powder so corrosive and burning, that it caused her to shudder from head to foot, and produced a number of ulcers on the skin, which gave her excessive pain. Yet she never complained, and when the surgeon who attended her every day for six weeks, cut off a small portion of flesh that new might grow in its place, even this she suffered… with incredible firmness and constancy.

A troubled girl. Certainly if she was my child I would be very concerned. She is Saint Rose of Lima. The patron saint of girls.

smallSaint Rose of Lima

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