Left her in ecstasy

February 18, 2013

‘Catherine had her first vision of Christ when she was age five or six, saying that Jesus smiled at her, blessed her, and left her in ecstasy. At age seven she vowed chastity.’

When I was in elementary school we read about saints. Such a statement as was  made about St. Catherine of Siena would have seemed par for the course. This is what saints did. As a father I would have been deeply concerned. Catherine’s father was concerned.

Because of the accidents of life Catherine was in line to be married. She refused. Her parents insisted. I couldn’t blame Catherine. Her mother had given birth to 25 children (many did not survive birth). But her reaction was extreme.

She would later advise her confessor and biographer, the Blessed Raymond of Capua, O.P., (who went on to become Master General of the Order) to do during times of trouble what she did now as a teenager: “Build a cell inside your mind, from which you can never flee.” In this inner cell she made her father into a representation of Christ, Lapa into the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her brothers into the apostles. Serving them humbly became an opportunity for spiritual growth. The greater the suffering, the larger her triumph was. Eventually her father gave up and permitted her to live as she pleased.

Catherine felt that she was the bride of Christ. For her wedding ring she wish to use the circumcised foreskin of Christ.

St. Catharine of Alexandria


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