Atlas Yawned

February 20, 2013

I haven’t done a movie review in a long time. This isn’t one of them.

That’s the kind of statement  you get in Atlas Shrugged Part 2.

Pretending. That’s what the movie does. Pretend that the government is this. Pretend that the captains of industry are this. Pretend that the general public is this. A movie based on lies.

But that is not unusual. One suspends judgment all the time when watching a film. Except in this movie I found myself irritated. Because this isn’t Batman. Much like Ayn Rand’s philosophy, the movie is filled with holes. I am being asked to be stupid.

The movie should be renamed Atlas Yawned.


4 Responses to “Atlas Yawned”

  1. Very entertaining thoughts David! I appreciate being able to join in with Mike Wallace and Ayn Rand also. What we all intuitively know is that without seeking a higher range of consciousness man will never solve the issues at hand. Answers to any problem cannot come from the same level of the problem; there needs to be “light” to enter in. She seemed to be pretty close though on the direction of the USA!

  2. Ms Rand makes you wonder what her personal life was like. And I shouldn’t care nor is it my business. I wonder how she would do in today’s world of social networking.

  3. godtisx said

    Hmmm. I’ve never heard that said. But I like finding different opinions, it means we’re not done in yet. That someone is still thinking and not so swayed they’ve become yes audience. Haha.
    Interesting, now I’m interested to see it to see what you’re talking about…

  4. Pretending is the exact word. The book is set in a make believe world of pretend. The problems only occur when some people mistake it for reality

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